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Best Paws-Abilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area offers a variety of dog training options including board and train, private lessons, behavior modification and rehabilitation solutions to name a few. We work with dog owners to help them understand how to effectively communicate with their dogs to resolve training challenges and behavior problems. Quite often we are the last resort for our clients. From dealing with owners who are ready to surrender their dogs or with owners who have worked with other trainers without success.

From the simplest to most severe, we can help you fix or prevent behavioral problems. We are dog trainers and dog behaviorists who are on a mission to help you transform your dog into an incredibly balanced and well-behaved member of your family. We show you how to train your dog in real-world settings, giving you and your dog the freedom and confidence to go anywhere. So if you are ready to transform your dog, and your life, we are ready to help!


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We are located in North Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but can service anywhere in the USA

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Jamie has taken a sweet boy someone threw away and given him as well as my “Kids” the chance to incorporate him into their future family. We had been anxious about Sam and children – Jamie gave Sam the skills to handle his anxiety and the Kids the skills to redirect and Sam’s behavior is so much calmer.
Some can train but not teach. Jamie does both!!!

Bekki BeverlyPlano, TX

One of the most trustworthy businesses out there. You can trust that not only will you get the best service and deal for your pet but it will also be done with love and care. The owner is a wonderful caring person who loves what she does.

Aaron C.Plano, TX

I want to thank Jami for the wonderful training my Sunny received. I am now able to take her on walks without being pulled down the street. It’s amazing to see how she will obey my commands. Her behavior problems, anxiety, aggression towards other dogs, and misbehaving are now in check which took away my anxiety. Thank you so much Jami! You have a true gift with dogs

Sheila BestPlano, TX

“Jami has a true gift for training dogs! Pikachu did the two-week boarding program and she loved every minute of it! Her behavioral progress has been quite monumental. Although our puppy was very young, Jami still managed to instill some very valuable core disciplines into her. This will no doubt aid in Pikachu’s progress as she matures into a well-trained dog. The training also helped us, as owners, improve our understanding of what is needed in order raise a young puppy properly. Her foreseeable progress is completely up to us and how much time we are willing to spend with her; however this progress could never be initiated without Jami’s help.

In March/April, we will be sending Pikachu back for advanced training for another two weeks! We look forward to this!

Once again, Best Paw-Abilities is definitely the place to take your dog for training!! It is a well worth investment for you and your doggy”

Jeanette Lynn PickPlano, TX

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