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Best Paws-Abilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is owned and operated by Jami Miller, Certified Professional Master Dog Trainer. Training is our mission to guide dog owners through a process that will help them understand, communicate and work with their dogs to resolve training challenges and behavior problems in a real world setting. From the simplest to most severe behavioral problems, our number one goal is to consistently deliver results that surpass our clients’ expectations. We are the dog trainers in the North Dallas Area that many people call as a last resort. It’s our passion to help our clients prevent or fix behavioral challenges in their dogs and to help our clients achieve the happy relationship that every dog owner dreams about. We work with all breeds. Our mission is to help turn your dog into an amazingly balanced and well- behaved dog. So if you are ready to transform your dog, and your life, we are ready to help.

Meet Our Trainers

Jami Miller

Owner | Trainer

What Makes Us Different

Jami, Owner of Best Paws-Abilities is a certified master dog trainer. She believes that all dogs need the training to live in harmony with their owners. She has worked with many innovators and leaders in the field to continue to bring forward the best dog training services. Quite often we are the last resort for our clients. From the simplest to most severe, we can help you fix or prevent behavioral problems.We are dog trainers and dog behaviorists who are on a mission to help you transform your dog into an incredibly balanced and well-behaved member of your family.

Douglas Gingerich

Aggression Trainer

Douglas is a retired US Navy K9 Handler and Trainer. Trained by the US Air Force in his K9 skills, Douglas has over 10 years in training and handling experience. He is well versed in all obedience techniques, patrol, drug enforcement, upper-level animal behavior and modification. His specialty is aggressive dog behavior training and rehabilitation.

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