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The Secrets of Behavioral Rehabilitation

Jami Miller has drawn on her 34 years of dog training experience to bring you the ultimate dog training manual.  With simple, step by step instructions, this clearly written guide will have you training your dog and correcting unwanted behavior’s like a professional!

Jami has trained thousands of dogs in her impressive career.  She has now expanded her focus and is teaching students the art of dog training.  She uses the same approach in her manual as she does with her apprentices.  She has honed her mentoring techniques, put them in a manual, and is offering this knowledge to you!

You can be part of a new generation of trainers that understands the dog and what the dog needs to succeed as part of a loving family.  Using these simple techniques, you can raise the dog you’ve always wanted, instilling good behaviors and habits and curbing undesirable actions before they become problems.

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Sit Command


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