Dog Fear Training

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Knowing the signs and symptoms of a fearful dog can help you address his fears and phobias before they escalate. Keep the following signs of fear in mind so you can easily catch on to even the slightest hint that your dog is anxious and stressed about something in his environment. Our dog fear training in the Dallas/Fort Worth area can help your dog overcome his fears and fix their submissive urinating.


What Is Fearful Behavior?

Dogs communicate using body language. Gestures such as bared teeth or a wagging tail are some of the more obvious ways dogs communicate through body language. However, some of a dog’s body language is more subtle. The following is a list of signs to look out for to determine when your dog is feeling fear:

  • Flattened ears
  • Tail tucked between hind legs
  • Cowering/Trembling
  • Lip licking when not hungry
  • Yawning when not tired
  • Raised hair on the back of the neck
  • Aggression/Barking

How We Can Help Your Dog

At Best Paws-Abilities, we will help your dog build their self-esteem and confidence with our dog fear training in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This will help them with self-esteem and confidence by helping your furry pal repeatedly accomplish small goals because with every success come a little more confidence.


Comfort Isn’t The Answer

To our dogs, affection is a reward. By comforting a fearful dog, you are rewarding their fearful behavior. So when you reward being scared, they what they will understand is, “I’m scared and it’s getting me a reward. My human wants me to do this.” What dogs need when they’re fearful is not love; they need leadership. This is why Best Paws-Abilities is the answer for when your dog is not overcoming their fears. They might be accustomed to being “rewarded” when they were fearful, but we will help them break this habit with our dog fear training in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Let’s Help Your Dog Overcome Fear

Unfortunately, we can’t tell our dogs that everything is going to be okay with words, but with our dog fear training in the Dallas/Fort Worth area we can definitely show them. Give us a call today to book your furry pals appointment and watch your dog become more bold and brave!


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