Dog Training Courses

Being a dog trainer isn’t as easy as you think. It requires the student trainer to learn how to take a puppy
or dog through varied training protocols to shape the dog’s behaviors into the desired requests of the

At Best Paws-Abilities dog training, we offer a variety of student dog trainer classes. In addition, we
offer assistance in the creation of a successful dog training business.

Our student dog trainer courses range from a balanced puppy development course to personal
protection. Each class has been designed to enhance a dog trainer’s ‘tool box’.

At the end of the student trainer program, you will be certified in each discipline you study. Certificates
will be awarded when your course schedule has been completed.

If you are considering our student dog trainer school, and would like more detailed information on our
approach to training dogs, contact us at

See the list of courses here.

Student Trainer Testimonial

I’ve been interested in animals for a long time.  I have known that I want to work with animals for a living, but wasn’t sure how or where it would lead.  When we learned about the Best Paws-Abilities dog trainer courses, I thought it sounded like something worth learning.  Now I have a clearer idea about my future and a possible career path has been opened up to me.

I’ve been taking training classes with Jami at Best Paws-Abilities for four months.  In this time, I have learned more about training dogs than I ever imagined I would. Jami is an excellent teacher who will explain a concept, demonstrate it with a dog, and then direct me on how to do it.  She is always encouraging me and assesses my training with an eye towards improving my technique. Jami makes sure that I work with a lot of different dogs to learn how to train different personalities.

If you want to be a dog trainer, Jami is a great person to learn from!


Are You Ready To Start Training?

If you are considering our school, and would like more detailed information on our approach to training dogs, contact us.