How To Help Your Dog Accept Your New Puppy

This Frequently Asked Question just came in from Cindy A Grantham:

Jami Miller, when you have a few minutes, could you give me pointers on how to make the older pups accept the baby. So far it isn’t good but nothing drastic. I think just a sense of jealousy & they tend to growl & snap at her. If there are a few things we can try…we would be grateful. Both of the other pups are 7 years old & of course, Gracie is just 8 weeks. Thank you so much!


Our Response:

Cindy A Grantham, Great question! Thank you!!

I have introduced a lot of puppies and dogs over 28 years. Time and patience are key.

Step 1: The Leash

I always introduce dogs or puppies on-leash. I always recommend taking the dogs for a walk together, keeping them about 10 feet apart so that they cannot greet one another or stare. The idea is simply to acclimate them to each other’s presence without causing tension. After ‘several’ successful runs, reduce the distance and then have the dogs meet with leashes dragging on neutral territory.

Step 2: Crates or Kennels

I am also a huge fan of crates. To be honest, the puppy needs to be in one, in the beginning, to be successful in potty training but also to not ‘teach’ the puppy bad behaviors (destructive behaviors) by allowing them to have freedom without ‘eyes on’ them at ‘all’ times.

If a new puppy owner can’t have eyes on them at all times, placing them in a crate is the best option.

If you have multiple crates, this is the perfect time to butt them together to bond without the unnecessary risk of one getting hurt which can lead to problems later. In the crates, they can become used to each others’ smells and movements with safety.

Step 3: Safe Success

I believe if you take the time to do both, you will be 100% successful!

It’s worth the time and ‘trouble’ to ensure a well-balanced puppy and family.


A common misperception is that puppies need to be with us and siblings all the time.

Not so. They need to develop their own sense of self to be a healthy happy puppy.

Hope this helps!!!

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